Premium Care for Newborns

Pampers premium care offers the best skin protection for your newborn.
Premium Care for Newborns
  1. Diapers

Give your newborn the best comfort and skin protection from Pampers. Designed especially to protect newborn's delicate skin, Pampers Premium Care is not only super absorbent, but also comes with a unique set of features such as navel-friendly shape, wetness indicator and silky soft materials. So your most precious gift will feel nothing but your love and protection from their very first diaper.

Navel-friendly Shape

Protects your baby’s delicate belly with perfectly contoured fit

Wetness Indicator

It turns blue when it might be time for a change, so that your baby can be comfortable & protected

Extra Absorbent Channels

They help distribute the wetness evenly for our best dryness up to 12 hours

Silky Softness

Made with silky soft materials to delicately wrap your newborn’s sensitive skin

Breathable Materials

Help air circulation to keep baby's skin dry and protected

Stretchy Sides

Provide maximum comfort and leakage protection