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Trusted dryness,
Thanks to unique Air Channels
*Survey done in South Africa among 103 Pediatricians, 05/2017 Shop Now

Give your baby breathable dryness, a new dimension of overnight dryness

NEW unique Air Channels

Create space for air to flow freely inside the diaper, for breathable dryness overnight

Extra Dry-Layer

Instantly absorbs wetness away from baby’s skin.

Absorbent Micro-Pearls™

An inner layer with absorbent Micro-Pearls™ to lock away wetness for up to 12 hours

For a good night’s sleep

Stretchy sides

Provide a comfortable fit and flex with your baby’s every move

Soft-like cotton*

A top layer next to baby’s skin, soft and dry, for a comfortable night's sleep
*Does not contain cotton

Wetness Indicator

Lest you know when it might be time for a change

A joyful experience for your baby

Fun designs

Enjoy our fun designs & characters with your baby

100% safety
Our diapers are tested to make sure they respect your baby's sensitive skin

Clinically and Dermatologically tested

We make sure Pampers products can be used in total safety and respect your baby’s sensitive skin

Carefully selected materials

We work in collaboration with pediatricians and toxicoligists to select and validate the safety of our components

Pampers® New Baby-Dry™


Love Pampers

"As a mommy of 2 and no 3 on the way I always use pampers..i have tried some cheaper brands but just cant use any thing els than pampers!"

BiancaNovember 14,2016

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Pampers® New Baby-Dry™

Overall Rating  based on 2 reviews

Miss Bongi

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Keeps Baby Dry
Good Value
Comfortable Fit
Protects Baby Skin

"Because i will be a first time mom, i will base my rating on what I've seen my aunt used or recommended for her baby, and one thing that i love about pampers is that its soft on babies skin and always protects"

BongikhumaloApril 16,2019


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Keeps Baby Dry
Good Value
Comfortable Fit
Protects Baby Skin

"Good day. I love Pampers. It’s the only brand that works with my child. But this new design is very disappointing. It doesn’t fit as well and we have had a few nappies thus far in our new pack rip at the connecting tags. It reminds me of your biggest competitor and the poor quality of their nappy. Sorry for the bad review. I thought it was just me until my husband complained about the new nappy last night too."

TanyaDecember 21,2018


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Pampers® New Baby-Dry™

Overall Rating*
Comfortable Fit*
Good Value*
Keeps Baby Dry*
Protects Baby Skin*

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