NAPPIES Pampers®
Premium Care™

Our softest comfort and best skin protection
*Survey done in South Africa among 100 Pediatricians, 09/2019

Wrap them in our softest comfort

B1_Silky Softness

Absorb-Away Layer

Feels silky soft while pulling wetness and runny mess away from baby’s skin

Silky Soft

Gently wraps your baby in silky softness

B2_Wetness Indicator

Soft & Stretchy sides

All around soft and stretchy sides for a comfortable fit

Our best protection for newborn skin

B5_3 Absorbing Channels

Extra Absorb Channels

Help distribute wetness evenly for trusted dryness and less bulk


Wetness Indicator

Let’s you know when it might be time for a change

100% safety
Our diapers are tested to make sure they respect your baby's sensitive skin

Clinically and Dermatologocally tested

Clinically and Dermatologically tested

We make sure Pampers products can be used in total safety and respect your baby’s sensitive skin

Carefully selected materials

Carefully selected materials

We work in collaboration with pediatricians and toxicoligists to select and validate the safety of our components

Pampers® Premium Care™


Premium is best for my baby

"Pampers Premium is so soft and comfortable, it feels great on baby's skin! You can feel the quality! The wet line indicator is clever and convenient too. Pampers Premium is the best nappy for my baby!"

JanisNovember 08,2017