NAPPIES Pampers®
Premium Care™ for Newborn

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Our softest comfort and best skin protection
*Survey done in South Africa among 103 Pediatricians, 05/2017 Shop Now

Wraps your baby in our softest comfort

B3_Navel Friendly Shape

Navel Friendly Shape

Protect your baby's delicate belly in his first days

B1_Silky Softness

Silky Softness

Wraps your baby in silky soft materials

B2_Wetness Indicator

Wetness Indicator

Lets you know when your baby might need a change

Our best skin protection

B5_3 Absorbing Channels

3 Absorbing Channels

Help distribute wetness evenly for trusted dryness


Baby Lotion

Helps prevent skin irritation


Breathable Materials

Let fresh air in and humid air out to allow skin to breathe

Pampers® Premium Care™ for Newborn


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Pampers® Premium Care™ for Newborn

Overall Rating  based on 1 review

Premium care Mamma

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Protects Baby Skin
Good Value
Keeps Baby Dry
Comfortable Fit

"Premium care has be the best nappies for all my babies, used them from my 1st born (2012), my daughter(2015) used them till potty training and certainly will be using them for my new baby arriving next year, its soft, has a fresh feeling and smell even when around people you dont have to worry about the baby's nappy spoiling the "atmosphere"..lol. I simple love Pampers Premium Care."

LuyandaDecember 14,2017

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Pampers® Premium Care™ for Newborn

Overall Rating*
Comfortable Fit*
Good Value*
Keeps Baby Dry*
Protects Baby Skin*

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